Wednesday, May 24, 2017



I loved that small pot of roses
You gave me that day
Blood red, scent of heaven
Delicate petals embracing
Like we did
Our vibrations circling 
Creating harmonious waves
As we recognized 
Ourselves in each other
Love can be so easy

But love never stays the same
Life likes to draw indelible lines
Births, marriages, deaths, 
Leave their marks 
As do all those seemingly insignificant
Daily encounters that highlight
Different colors in our worlds

Today I barely see myself in you
Our lives are tinted by different hues
But those roses you gave me still bleed red,
Exude a divine bouquet
And they've grown huge

(For Poets United.)

Sunday, May 21, 2017


The orange moon at dawn
Was like dripping ripe fruit
Which I visually tasted
As I watched it sink 
Into someone else's night
Winking at morning's sun
Becoming bright
Like a salute or a blessing
An intimate au revoir 
Between light and light

How privileged I was
To witness this exchange
A present from the gods of love
Showing me affection
In that tiny drop of eternity
Into which I can still dive
Backstroke swimming through time
In my mind

(For Poets United.)

Sunday, May 14, 2017


It's silly 
But makes me feel better
To engage in the absurdity
Of placing artificial flowers on your grave

Hope it's okay
To gift you something practical
That won't die
Though in time, they too
Fade in the beating rays
Of an indiscriminate sun
Everything will eventually burn

Memories of your life,
Flowers' subtle perfume,
That colorful, untouchable, 
Celestial aura 
Linger in my mind
Yet I give you plastic
Perhaps irrationally attempting 
To prolong the melting of who you were
With who I am
Before we are both
Kindling for the ethers

Happy Mothers Day to all (men included) who nurture and give of themselves so that another may thrive.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


The hospital in my town announces a birth
 by playing a lullaby through the loudspeaker

Everyone smiles
envisioning images of a cute wrinkled baby

The fathers smile 
Concealing their wish 
To contribute more to the situation

The mothers smile
Knowing the pain of pushing someone into living

The caregivers smile 
Proud to be part of what humanity is receiving

The visitors smile
Knowing one more little human slipped out
Screaming demands for answers with no questions

The sick smile 
For an instant forgetting their discomfort, 
Creating space for hope to manifest in healing

Even the dyeing smile
As they themselves are painfully born
Into the mystery of unbeeing

Sunday, May 7, 2017


I stare in wonder
How can there be so many thorns
Protruding from within
Dry cracking soil, devoid of distinction or color
Suddenly birthing something worthy, so pretty
That it almost makes me grateful
For those prickly piercings 
Protecting beautiful flowers?

Each day I stare
Searching for beauty in rocky dirt
That's how I see earth
And you
And me
Repeating cycles of death and rebirth
Pushing away the pain 
Of letting go the dead blossoms to fly in the wind
While we love the living in spite of the thorns

Wednesday, April 26, 2017



When I was young my my ego was big
Full of expectation expanding my animation
To leave my mark
In a world that owed me
A happy, abundant, upscale living

I accepted all life's tremendous goodness 
My ego took the credit
But when life twisted me, crushed me
Almost destroyed me as many times as it did
My ego became a huge victim of calamity 

The I that is I gradually realized
In happiness or sorrow, 
ego craves grandiosity
Slowly, it can learn though,
About its proper place and size
Within this unfathomable cosmic paradox
Where I, who am simultaneously so big and small,
Am in the present and future of eternity
A very insignificant yet magnificent grain of sand

(For Poets United)

Sunday, April 23, 2017



I'm giving up
No longer will I persist
Expending energy like fumes
From an old bus
Dark smoke polluting my lungs
In stead my heart will 
Positively beat
A different drum 
Whose noise rises
the tunes of doom
That I fear 

No longer will I focus on what
May be inside black holes
I'll turn my cheek the other way
Only looking where the moon is bright
Enough to illuminate my night
Though I know it is the night 
That may reign
In hearts like coal
Waiting to burn
Us, who resist
The blindness of dark power

I will say NO to thoughts 
Of peril, feelings of helplessness
That haunt my emotions
I'll let my shadow cling
Trying to defy the sun
While I keep running
Reaching for the brilliance
Of my YES

(For Poets United.)